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Waukesha Wellness

Experience Nature's Wellness

Green Crown Oils

Locally grown and manufactured in Dousman WI our oils have only three ingredients to make it the purest full spectrum oils sold. They are made with coconut oil, CBD oil, & lemon, blood orange, lime or peppermint exact.  

Take Back Your Health

Get a new lease on life with the help of CBD WAUKESHA WELLNESS. Offering organic, natural, and local products, we promote wellness across Waukesha County. We offer products which are grown and manufactured exclusively in Wisconsin, is designed to improve your overall well-being.

Start living differently today. Check out how we help you do just that.

About Our CBD Store

CBD WAUKESHA WELLNESS in Waukesha, Wisconsin is so much more than a vape store. It is a wellness center assisting customers with all of their CBD needs. Waukesha Wellness provides LOCAL oils, gummies, lotions & honey that are Grown & Manufactured in Wisconsin. 

What our customers are saying

“Just can’t begin to THANK YOU enough for drawing Dave’s attention to you on The Morning Blend. I do so apologize for “tuning you out” as I am a more than Morning Blend viewer. However, went on their web & streamed you! Outstanding 😘

“You have totally changed my life. Unbelievable! We had to experiment the first two days with the schedule but now have it perfect for my needs. OMG can’t believe the pain relief your products have given me. My poor husband & CA son also deeply appreciate & thank you. If you ever need positive testimony, I’m more than happy to do so. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

– Jackie Simons